2019 AGM Co-Chair’s Report

This evening we are holding a meeting about the forward planning and thinking in Sheffield in collaboration with Sheffield Property Association in the coming months and years, alongside our AGM.

This year Rupert Wood and Rosie Dodson have joined and re-joined the Sheffield Civic Trust as Trustees and have brought fresh new perspectives and expertise to the Trustees. Thanks for their input. Thanks too to Trustees who continue to work hard for us and deserve the thanks of the Trust: Simon Gedye, Paul Bedwell [membership], Jim Monach [Secretary], Chris Bell, Liz Godfrey [HODs], Samantha Birchall [SDA], Alex Maxwell [communications], Andrew Jackson [SDA], Janet Ridler [media], Rupert Wood, and Rosie Dodson.

The Co-Chair Lilly Ingleby will be stepping down as co-chair at this AGM, and would like to thank all trustees and collaborators of the SCT for their work this year.

Our key activities have largely continued as in previous years;

Sheffield Heritage Open Days – once again piloted with great success by Liz Godfrey and Louise Watt. Nearly 150 buildings opened their doors this September, spread over two weekends.
This will sadly be the last year Liz Godfrey heads up the HODS team. The SCT would like to thank Liz for the amazing feat of coordination and energy it takes to put together such a vast heritage program. Liz will be extremely missed, and will be handing over to Janet Ridler for the 2019-2020 year.

Sheffield Design Awards – The Sheffield Design Awards 2018 were held in Trafalgar Warehouse in October.
This year has seen the SDA become established as a charitable body with the support of the Sheffield Civic Trust.
Newsletter – continues to come out to some 500 people. This gives very helpful information about our work and issues which are of interest to SCT members and supporters.

Civic Voice – Paul Bedwell continues as a Trustee of the national Civic body and thus keeps us informed of their views and activities. Once again several Trustees attended the annual conference.
YHACS – SCT continues to be a member of The Yorkshire and Humber Association of Civic Societies, and this March hosted Civic Voice and over 20 Civic Societies from across the region for a day of lively debate about meaningful engagement and representation with the planning system, and a workshop with Sarah James of Civic Voice on the Building For Life standard as a template for consultation responses.

Design Review – This year has seen the SCT actively responding to planning applications, albeit at a much reduced rate due to Trustee capacity. Design reviews continue to be a key way of engaging the public in the development of the city and this is an area of activity which the SCT hopes to be more active in.

Heritage – Liz Godfrey remains our hardworking and conscientious representative on the SCC Conservation Advisory Group. If the SCC could resource that group better, more work could be done to safeguard the City’s vital heritage resource.

Live Projects with Sheffield University – Rosie Dodson, working with Carolyn Butterworth of Live Works / The University of Sheffield has channeled the enthusiasm and debate around the future of Sheffield’s High Streets’ into forming a Live Project brief for masters Students at The University of Sheffield. This will run October-November 2019.

Well done and thank you to all Trustees and members who gave so generously of their time to help make SCT a significant force for the wellbeing of Sheffield. If this is to continue we need more Trustees and active members. It is not however necessary to become a Trustee. We welcome members who would like to focus their efforts on one or more particular area of interest. Meetings are interesting and friendly occasions. All Trustees will happily talk to anyone interested in helping in this way.

Lillian Ingleby and Simon Gedye

Heritage Open Days


Sheffield City Hall

Sheffield Civic Trust is delighted that Civic Voice will be part of the consortium responsible for taking forward Heritage Open Days from 2012 onwards.  This is a welcome return for Heritage Open Days to the civic movement from which it sprang.

Working with the National Trust and the Heritage Alliance, Civic Voice will be responsible for the national co-ordination of Heritage Open Days and securing its future.  English Heritage will provide funding till 2015 and it remains responsible for Heritage Open Days in 2011.

Civic Voice’s main role will be to develop and deliver a strong, independent and sustainable future for Heritage Open Days after English Heritage’s support comes to an end.  The National Trust will employ the three person Heritage Open Days team and The Heritage Alliance will provide their direct management.

Civic Voice AGM Comes to Sheffield

We are delighted to be able to confirm that Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement in England, will hold its AGM in Sheffield on 14/15 October 2011.

Civic Voice aims to make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive and promotes civic pride.

In what will be a busy month for the city, with the Stirling Prize Dinner, Urban Design Week and Off The Shelf all taking place, representatives from 200 civic societies and trusts are expected to visit Sheffield for the two day event and will spend time visiting various attractions and sharing experiences of improving and celebrating the quality of their local areas.

SCT joins Civic Voice!

Sheffield Civic Trust want to make an effective contribution to the growing national civic movement and has therefore agreed to join Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement
Civic Voice are working hard to make places more attractive enjoyable and distinctive and to promote civic pride across the country. Significantly, Civic Voice was supported by all three main party leaders during the recent General Election campaign.

Commenting on his recent appointment as President of Civic Voice Griff Rhys Jones said, “I am delighted and honoured to be asked. Local communities want and need to have their voices heard. Local people can help in making the places where we all live more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. Because they care. Civic Voice is the national spearhead for a nationwide movement that campaigns for better places and that tremendously underrated value – civic pride.”

A national Civic Day will take place on Saturday 25 June 2011 when civic societies across England will invite people to celebrate their area and discover more about where they live.