The Sheffield Design Awards (SDA) were set up by the recently established Civic Trust in 2006 to recognise quality and high standards in buildings and public spaces in Sheffield and the City Region.

They have been awarded in alternate years ever since with the exception of 2020, for the usual reasons. In order to maximise the possibilities of sponsorship and ensure their independence, SDA began working in collaboration with the Sheffield Society of Architects and then became an independent charity in 2018.

One particular aspect of these awards of which we are proud is the People’s Award, in partnership with Sheffield Newspapers, in which the public are invited to nominate and choose their favourite buildings or spaces.

The judging and Awarding ceremony are held in the Autumn, preceded in the biennial cycle with a formal launch in late Spring and has a publicity event a year ahead of the Awards.
Covid caused the cycle to be interrupted, but we are all hoping that it will be possible to resume this pattern for 2022.

Details of all the winners and commended entries for each year can be found below.