Does Beauty Matter?

To mark Urban Design Week, Sheffield Civic Trust is hosting an Event with CABE (The Government’s Commission of Architecture and the Built Environment), which starts on Thursday 28 October 2010 at 6.15pm at The Circle, Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW.

The philosopher and author Julian Baggini will talk about beauty, the subject of new research for CABE conducted by Ipsos MORI in Sheffield.  Julian is editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine, contributes to The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer and the BBC and has been a regular guest on BBC Radio 4’s ‘In our time’.

As part of the study, Sheffield residents were filmed and interviewed about what they considered to be beautiful about their city – where they find it, and how it influences their experience of living in the city. The responses, which can be viewed here, were surprising and touching.

We have invited Sheffield’s planners, practitioners and academics to view the films, listen to the residents’ contributions and join a debate, illuminated by Julian, with SCT’s members and subscribers. We hope to tease out the importance of beauty to the people of this City.

This event will also provide an opportunity to consider the Sheffield Design Awards in the light of beauty. The awards are sponsored by RIBA, ARUP, Creative Sheffield and Peter & Paul.

Places at the event will be assigned on a first come served basis with entry free to SCT members, £5 for non-members and £2.50 for concessions (payable on the evening).

CABE Photo Competition

CABE launched a photo competition to find ‘Areas of Outstanding Urban Beauty’.

The idea is to find out what people love about the places where they live.  It could be a single building, a cityscape, a park or a detail like a paving stone. It needs to be in an English town, city or village and, of course, it must be somewhere that is beautiful to you.  So please take a picture in Sheffield, write a few lines and Enter the competition.

Entries closed on Monday 11 October 2010.